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Why MPower Global STEM EducationTM?

We are not tool suppliers or game builders or even simply educators. We are different from some stem companies who mainly establish science museums or centers or provide pre-designed kits . Our core focus is to unearth genius in students by providing challenging modules to think and work. Even though the realization that STEM is important is closer than ever, the implementation of STEM, however is far from satisfactory. This is primarily ingrained in our reluctance to substitute convention ridden education, where rote learning ironically is the standard, by practical hands-on creative pursuit. Hence this is the industry ripe for disruption, a positive one. But it needs indoctrination right from Administrators, Owners, Principals, Directors, Teachers through to students across the board that a structured modular STEM implementation is essential. It is a tough challenge but one that needs to be undertaken and done right now. MPower Global STEM Education (MGSE) in partnership with SMEs, pioneers and reputed STEM stalwarts aside from renowned institutions, is dedicated to developing and implementing easily adaptable curriculum modules customised for syllabus in  India geared towards Elementary, Middle, High-School levels and beyond. Developed in collaboration with leading U.S STEM Organisations, such as the New York Hall of Science, MIT, the Boston Museum of Science, and many others, MGSE stem courses encourage students to invent and be inspired. STEM courses are designed to have students solve real-world problems while being aligned to CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB syllabus. The company promotes a structured framework wherein STEM is integrally knit into daily class-work to facilitate teachers and students endear it towards academic excellence, while center of Excellence instituted for training teachers on STEM pedagogy prepares trainers to deliver the quality that the exponentially exploding entrepreneurial world so desperately needs. We are not tool suppliers or game builders or even simply educators. We constantly think out of the box and strive to structure environments conducive to making learning a fun experience. The implement process, requirements and prices we work out is very practical and affordable for different kinds of schools.

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