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Our Implementation of STEM Education

Having mapped the 4 major syllabi in India- CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB – for Grades 4 thru 10 into Math and Science modules, we have embarked upon a structured implementation of STEM as part of school curriculum. Each module dwells on an overarching Science and/or, Math concept and embodies several practical hands-on toolkits which help students to engage in project-based interdisciplinary learning of Science and Math related to Engineering and technology principles. The class size is split into comfortable group sizes and an adequate number of modules are pre-loaded onto carts for each Class to come to STEM lab and do the learning. The content is constantly updated and maintenance rendered. STEM training and certification is provided to Teachers through comprehensive workshops and constant orientation on pedagogy and delivery. Teacher training and certification in STEM is provided in Centers of Excellence operated by SAUS at various locations countrywide or at schools desirous of conducting such training.

Each STEM module is divided into the various block to finish the project systematically. We provide teacher’s manual, student’s manual, pre-assessment, a post-assessment sheet with each module. Our modules are designed according to the mental level of students according to grade-wise while mapping with their regular syllabus.

Some of our Unique STEM Modules.

Grade 4

1. Plant Pluming!
2. Colonizing the Moon!
3. Out of the Dark Labyrinth & Into the Light! Mathematics: The Language of Our Universe

Grade 5

1. Marvelous machines- Making work easier
2. Shake things up
3. Out of the Dark Labyrinth & Into the Light!

Grade 6

1. It’s in the bag- Engineering a bio-inspired gear
2. Movie Night! Engineering a Homemade Projector
3. Electricity caught in a Snap!

Grade 7

1. Designing a solar oven- what’s hot and what’s not
2. Improving the Play dough process
3. Testing sail designs

Grade 8

1. Vertical Farms
2. Designing a Maglev system
3. Shhhhh…You’re Hurting My Ears! Noise Pollution in School- damping sound

Grade 9

1. Robowars
2. Designing a submersible
3. Pandemic Alert- Outbreak

Grade 10

1. A Straight Line between Taxonomy and Darwinism
2. Light up the night
3. Eye Can See Clearly Now
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