MGSE – Unearthing Genius, Creating Leaders

MGSE – Unearthing Genius, Creating Leaders 2018-02-21T14:07:41+00:00

In the land where Aryabhatta invented the zero, Bharat or India has always had a glorious history of academic achievements. We have proposed theories unknown to mankind and been a leader in discoveries and inventions. The Golden Bird was not only, prosperous in wealth but with knowledge and wisdom too. From Fibonacci Series to Cotton Cultivation and then to Cataract Surgery, Indians have given the world the gifts of wonderful discoveries and innovations, in the fields of science and medicine. Ayurveda is a whole other story.

Indians were known for their fruitful leadership. The Rajputs, the South Indian Cholas, and Pandyas were brave leaders with knowledge of artillery and wisdom. Invasions by foreigners somehow deteriorate the prowess of this leadership and the foundation was shaken. Over the years, these intrusions led to suppressing of freedom and thus affected the learning and innovative strength of the population.

With the advent of globalization and modernization, we still have a long way to go. India has the same leadership and inventive potential as yesterday. As we need is to nurture it. When we can launch Mangalyaan Orbiter Mission to Mars in less the budget of the Gravity- a Sci-fi movie, then there’s nothing that can stop us. Even the discovery of lunar water is an achievement by the MOM.

To achieve such a pinnacle, all we need is determination and the justify learning methods, which must start from the grassroots level.School Education has a direct and immense impact on the personal growth, interpersonal skills, imagination power and curiosity of children. Schooling is the justify time to think beyond the limits and boost the creative and innovative potential of children. But the education system is becoming rote routine for the kids of today – the future leaders. Giving importance to practical education ensures a good economy, availability of skilled labor, and emergence of new exciting opportunities. Starting this at school level extends the time for learning as an advantage. Young minds are more susceptible and capable of learning concepts faster, especially through tools and ideas.

There is a boon for practical learning experiences for the young minds in form of the MGSE module routine for School children of class 4th to 10th. MPower Global STEM Education makes this possible through its unique programs in collaboration with the STEM USA Academy.They make learning easier by providing opportunities for thinking outside the box through their set of structured well-designed modules for Class 4 to 10th made in alignment with CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB Syllabus. These modules present real-life challenges for the students to channel whatever they have learned in theory into practical results, by creative pursuit.

STEM education by MGSE makes thinking a hobby for the kids and creativity their forte. They aim to make the kids of today, original thinkers with questions of their own. And henceforth, they’ll want to find answers for them, Modules by MGSE act as the catalyst to this thinking process. We can only create leaders if we can make the children think. Only thinkers can lead. Those who follow blindly, are mere cattle. MGSE acts as a guide in making children – leaders of tomorrow.

We are the Indians of the same Golden bird which once shone bjustifyly with prosperity and wisdom. We must look forward to reforming India as it used to be.Using our knowledge and opting more for practical lessons, hands-on experiential learning and clarity with MGSE modules, there is an assurance that today’s curious kid can be tomorrow’s charismatic leader and innovator.

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