MGSE: Making Innovators At Grassroots Level

MGSE: Making Innovators At Grassroots Level 2018-02-21T14:08:05+00:00

India is a country where the education system has always been more inclined towards theory than practical implementation. Students are focussed on earning marks rather than the essence of the learning. The STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics ) is a field where learning needs to be applied in an inter-disciplinary way.

Skill India is a multi-skill program aiming to create opportunities and scope to develop and polish skills of youth to lead the development of these sectors and identifying new sectors where skill development is needed. This program aims at the entrepreneurial potential of youth and employment generation. Skill India starts from schools itself by flourishing the creativity of kids through consistent practical doing. At the school level, creating interest in students in a classroom is a challenge in itself. Too much of theory and words distracts children by saturating their concentration. To fix this, MPower Global STEM Education( MGSE) aims to provide practical learning at the grassroots level in schools from class 4th to Class 10th through structured modules involving math and science skills.

Skill development must be a national priority and focussed upon immensely by the organisations. With MPower Global STEM Education(MGSE), gone are the days of mugging up facts. MGSE emphasizes on converging the attention and concentration of students in certain exercises according to the STEM modules, which help them create and understand processes about which they had earlier read. Young minds should be innovative and MGSE provides world-class STEM methodology to make students ‘out of the box thinkers’.

In this era of globalization and automation, we need our generations and future ones, to tackle the challenges with smart approach and hands on the know-how of STEM knowledge. Innovation encouragement reduces the dependency on existing products and ideas but rather promotes self-reliance by bringing to life, new products and ideas. Innovative bent of mind develops from the childhood itself, through various methods of learning. Social learning processes show that repeated behaviour is imitated, while practical learning induces creativity and thought processing. A child may not recall the formula for density by mugging it up. But if he is introduced to a working model and involved in its creation, he would rarely forget it.

MGSE thus aims to capture the thinking points of children through Math and Science Modules from initial stages of schooling to help convert the learning into thinking and ultimately- creating. Ideas erupt from exercising of the brain. STEM modules by MPower Global STEM Education are very effective in achieving this goal.

MGSE provides STEM modules related to real-life challenges and mapped with CBSE/ICSE/IB/State board syllabus. These challenges are supported by examples from real life thus involving a familiarity with the situation and encouraging thinking. Project-based learnings enhance experiences in fields of the STEM. These are well aligned with school syllabus to act as a backbone of the theory.

STEM fields are the core technological fields where the success of a nation lies in aspects of innovation, research and development, inventions, national security and engineering prowess of the nation. STEM fields determine the progress of a nation in the 21st century. These are the areas where a nation should focus to move ahead in the era of globalization and economic development. India needs a positive disruption in education towards skills development and prepares our students to face challenges of 21st century. Practical learning is the need of the hour to put life into an idea and lead innovations and inventions. Skill development in the areas of the STEM would be a driving force for the all-round development of the country from schools to the national level.

STEM modules by MGSE, which give hands-on learning in schools and conduct workshops are global thing. MGSE is working in association with STEM Academy of USA and with world-class SMEs from Harvard, Boston School of Museum, MIT, New York Hall of science etc. Working globally on huge platforms have made the goal of MGSE more firm and determined. In India, MGSE has worked with many prominent schools, conducting successful workshops. Some of the prominent schools MGSE has worked are STEM world academy Kolkatta, Suncity Gurugram, Modern School , Delhi International School, RPS group of schools, Alpine Convent group of schools, Brilliant convent, Bombay Scotish Mumbai, Doon Global Dehradoon etc. MGSE is also expanding to other parts of the country to achieve its mission of teaching children to become innovators rather than bookworms.

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