Achieving Development through STEM Education: MGSE

Achieving Development through STEM Education: MGSE 2018-02-21T14:03:30+00:00

Necessity is the mother of invention. In this globalized and fast pacing world, Invention rests on the STEM Education. This has lead to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) being immensely encouraged in developed countries like the United States and European Countries, but developing regions are also encouraging and financing STEM education.

According to a report by World Economic Forum, Business, administration, and law are by far the most popular areas of study in the countries surveyed, chosen by around 23% of higher education students. The percent of students opting for STEM Education is lower than that, even though the rate of employment is highest for STEM graduates. Besides this, more of men opt for these than women.

The encouragement for STEM Education has yielded good returns to developed countries which have been led by the proper budget for the education sector. From World STEM Olympiads, National Museums for Science and various technologically advanced teaching methods with hands-on learning; developed countries have a great foundation to their progress.

STEM in BRICS nations has seen a positive action by realizing the importance of STEM for development of the nation. STEM Brazil emphasizes hands-on learning in schools while STEM Russia focuses on female inclusion too. In India, the STEM Education as a meaningful phrase has been in the buzz recently only. The irony to that is the growth of STEM has been lower as compared to the enormous number of scientists and engineers in India. A report says that in the coming decade, around 80% of jobs will require a significant know-how of Science and Math.

Talking of Indian educational system, we are far behind in adapting to the changes in the global educational arena. Even now, a major focus for a student remains to earn marks through mugging up from textbooks. Critical thinking, inquiry-based learning and hands-on learning are alien to them. Curiosity, innovation, and thirst for knowledge towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can be encouraged by an early exposure to hands-on learning and practical knowledge in a more engaging and fun to learn environment. Once a familiarity and liking develop for STEM fields, it can lead to students actually making their career in STEM fields.

This is needed to be done at school level because the decision to choose a career is influenced a lot by what a child has been curious about since initial stages. It instils creativity, problem-solving skills and potential to practically implement the acquired knowledge. Careers in the field of the STEM are promising and have the highest employability rate. Thus, Economic Development of a country is a product of the progress it witnesses in the STEM arena.

MGSE is committed towards this aim of including children from the school level itself, towards realizing the strength and innovation potential that lies in the STEM fields. MGSE under the visionary leadership of its CEO Mr. V K Garg is marching towards bringing such revolution by making school children innovative and responsible, through its affordable and world-class quality modules. These modules are the catalyst for the thinking ability of school children and an experiential method to put the textbook words into action. MGSE has the vision to make India a developed nation through its contribution by the ways of introducing the STEM fields to school children in a way that is promising and exciting.

Since occupations in the STEM are growing and research and development sector is getting a boost from the government, there is a pinching need to introduce school kids with these subjects that make them opt these as the career. Children are active participants and natural explorers. All they need is a little push by means of practical experiments and creative teaching methods. MGSE is aiming and working towards achieving this objective.

India as the second most populated country has a huge amount of unleashed talent and potential. India needs a congruence in form of government initiatives and other efforts by educational societies to avail the opportunity and benefits of STEM education. The Government of India with ‘Make in India’ Innovation mission and ‘Skill India’ initiative has called out for raising interest in STEM fields. All of us need to work towards this goal of STEM education encouragement. Our Principals, School Owners, Educationalists and Political leaders need strong willpower, clear vision, and ambitious initiatives to bring the much required positive disruption in our education system. Only nurturing the roots at school level will lead to sweetest fruits in the manifestation of economic development of India and its position as a global player.

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