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Why STEM Education?

STEM Education is the interdisciplinary process that integrates these disciplines to promote real-world experience, teamwork, and the authentic application of technology which are essential for success.


Why STEM in India?

Education in India is known worldwide for its ancient history in the field of science and mathematics. Indians have always managed to do the rounds in the conventions of geniuses and academic leaders.


Why MPower Global STEM Education?

We are not tool suppliers or game builders or even simply educators. We constantly think out of the box and strive to structure environments conducive to making


STEM in Action

MPower Global STEM education promotes a structured framework wherein STEM is integrally knit into daily class-work to facilitate teachers and students endear it towards practical excellence in education.


Our Workshop


STEM courses are designed to have students solve real-world problems while being aligned with CBSE/ICSE/SSB/IB syllabus.

Grade 4/5

  1. Plant Pluming!
  2. Colonizing the Moon!
  3. Out of the Dark Labyrinth & Into the Light! Mathematics: The Language of Our Universe
  4. Marvelous machines- Making work
  5. Shake things up

Grade 6/7/8

  1. Designing a solar oven- what’s hot and what’s not
  2. It’s in the bag- Engineering a bio-inspired gear
  3. Vertical Farms
  4. Improving the Playdough process
  5. Designing a Maglev system

Grade 9/10

  1. Design a submersible
  2. Forgot the market homegrown food
  3. Robotics
  4. Designed a Perasoot- Advanced
  5. Rockets and Rovers
  6. Eye Can See Clearly Now, My Vision Isn’t Gone!
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President’s Message

We are educationists, dedicating for bringing positive change in education by implementing challenge-based solutions oriented STEM modules, designed by our World Class Subject Experts. We are different from those STEM companies who mainly provide only Robotics or pre-designed kits in the name of STEM education. We ensure you with our best quality, services, and affordable prices.     –

 V.K.Garg, President & CEO, MPower Global STEM Education

MGSE- A Most Trusted Name in the STEM Education

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